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AC Repair Service in Champaign, IL

Air Conditioner Repair ServiceTaking care of air conditioning repairs is nothing to take lightly. You have to be certain you have found the right team to take care of the job for you, which is why so many local residents are now turning to Cassel Home Comfort Heating & Cooling for their HVAC service needs. We are committed to offering the finest in the products we use, the handiwork we provide and the customer service we offer.

As a locally owned and operated HVAC company, we have come to be known for doing whatever it takes to take care of the client. We complete our projects in a prompt and professional manner after first discussing with you the scope and cost of the project. If you are paying for it you should have an understanding of what exactly is involved. Also keep in mind, we work with all leading brands and manufacturers of air conditioners and know what it takes to get your home or business cool again, as quickly as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair Experts

No matter what the job is, no matter how big or small, we are prepared to take care of this for you. When we are dispatched to inspect or repair a system, we check all aspects of its working condition. This includes things like electrical controls and duct work. And if your repairs will cost 50% or more of the value of the current system, or the unit is quite old, we will discuss replacement with you. Trust the Cassel Home Comfort Heating & Cooling team for everything including:

  • AC repairs and replacement
  • Regular maintenance, service and inspections
  • Repairs for duct work and anything else included in your HVAC system

And our Champaign air conditioning contractors are even available to you for any emergency AC repair needs that may arise and probably will from time to time.

Champaign AC Repairs

Too many home or business owners end up making a quick choice about who to work with because they are in a bind. That is why it is a good idea to already have someone you work with, or at least know who you want to work with, before an emergency comes up. We have been to one too many jobs that someone else supposedly “fixed” before we were called in to really do the quality repair work. Don’t take chances when it comes to getting this type of work done for your residential or commercial space.

We never want anyone to need emergency repairs but we are glad that we can be there to get the job done for you. We guarantee our replacement parts for 3 years and offer a warranty for replacement systems for 10 year labor and 10 year parts. Why not give us a call today so we can get started with your air conditioning repairs?

If you are looking for a professional air conditioning repair service, then please call 217-689-4522 or complete our online request form.

Our Champaign Air Conditioning Repair Technicians Provide

  • AC repairs
  • Air condition repairs
  • Commercial air conditioning repair
  • Home air conditioning repair
  • Emergency AC repairs
  • Heating and air conditioning repairs
  • Central air conditioning repair
  • HVAC repairs
  • Air conditioner service
  • A/C repairs
  • Residential air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioner repairs

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