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3 Big Things to Avoid When Buying a New HVAC System

Despite what you might have been told, all heating and air conditioning equipment are not created equal. When you’re thinking about purchasing a new HVAC system, don’t rush into your decision. Making the right choice could mean doubling the lifespan of your system and saving you thousands of dollars in the long-run. In fact, according to, more than half of all new HVAC systems installed in U.S. homes do not live up to the manufacturer’s efficiency ratings due to improper installation.


If you have your HVAC system installed by a qualified professional according to ENERGY STAR’s Installation Guidelines, you’ll reduce your HVAC energy costs by up to 30%. Preparation and research are essential in order to avoid the three most common HVAC mishaps:

Common Mistake #1: “This doesn’t work!” Installing an Oversized Unit

It’s important to make sure that your new HVAC system is the unit you get. Unfortunately, homeowners often receive incorrect information and invest in an HVAC system that will soon let them down. When oversized equipment is installed the results are often higher energy and utility bills, mold buildup in the ductwork, inconsistent airflow, and inconvenient repair costs.

Before considering a full system replacement, get the facts. Make sure your contractor gives you an upfront estimate of the cost and detailed measurements of your new system and where it will be installed. Your contractor will assess your home’s physical characteristics and determine the proper size system accordingly.

While some HVAC contractors will simply replace your old unit with a similarly sized new unit, this is the lazy way out, and will often result in problems down the road. When assessing your home for a new HVAC system, your Cassel Home Comfort technician will inspect your whole home for ventilation and insulation levels and take into account the total square footage of the cooling space.

Attack of the Oversized Heat Pump!



An oversized HVAC system will be able to heat and cool your home but will do so rapidly and then turn off. This will offset any of its grand energy efficiency claims. A unit that is too small, however, will run for too long and will struggle to cool your home on the hottest days.

Common Mistake #2: “A little to the left!” Putting Your Unit in the Wrong Place

It’s not just about the size of the equipment, but also the placement. Your A/C could be a perfect size but too far into the sun, and you’ll soon be facing an overworked unit in need of early repairs. For the best energy efficiency and performance, ask for your system to be installed in a cooler, shaded area that won’t receive excessive light and cause the system to overheat and overcompensate.

Yes, shade is great, but your unit also needs to breathe. Make sure that if you do create some sort of fence, barrier, or plant trees that your future HVAC technician will be able to easily access the system. This means allowing at least a 2-3 foot clearance around the outdoor heat pump. And please take into consideration that your plants will grow. Attention to the placement details will go a long way towards receiving a successful system replacement service.

Common Mistake #3: “That’s not what you promised!” Hiring the Wrong Contractor

It’s painfully obvious when an HVAC service is completed incorrectly. The bill comes, you see the results, and you realize you have hired an unprofessional, untrained, or uninsured contractor. All of these things can be dangerous for the homeowner.

It’s a good idea to shop around. Don’t just get one opinion, get two, or three, or however many you need to feel comfortable with your final decision. The best contractor should offer service warranties and a true 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Technicians should be licensed, insured, and experienced. Don’t trust just any local or corporate company to come into your home. Not all HVAC businesses are in the industry to better serve their community. Find a company you feel is honest and professional.

Get upfront pricing that will not rise by the time you get the bill. Know the details of the project before they even begin. Every project should be on time and on budget. Remember, they work for you!

For more information on how to purchase the ideally sized, placed, and installed HVAC system, call Cassel Home Comfort in Champaign, Illinois at (217) 866-1596.

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