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Socks for Seniors!

You may have seen a few of our posts around the Socks for Seniors program. We’re proud to be working with the folks at Socks to reach out to the senior citizens of our city during the holidays. It’s important to remember that many of these people have been left behind but still struggle with the same winter blues as many of us.

The Socks for Seniors program is, as they say on their site, “A non-profit community service project to help senior citizens keep their feet warm this winter.” Every year there are thousands of senior citizens who spend the holidays alone or in a financially challenged setting.

The Least Donated Items

It’s uncommon knowledge that socks (and underwear) are the least donated clothing item. During the winter we remember to donate, coats, jackets, blankets, and even hats. But socks, an item that’s useful year round, is often forgotten. Keeping extremities, your feet and hands, warm with socks and gloves is essential during the winter.

This is especially true of the elderly. A weaker immune system and slower metabolism add up to extreme susceptibility to the cold. A lack of vascular elasticity can also make it more difficult to stay warm (which is why senior centers are usually so much warmer than other buildings).

The Socks for Seniors program is a great way to reach out and deliver, not just a needed item, but a gift that’ll brighten the season. It’s a reminder to spend some of the holidays with your own grandparents. Visit your folks, aunts, and uncles for the season or go with a group to visit at a nursing home or senior citizen center.

Working with Socks for Seniors

From now until the middle of December, we’ll be accepting donations for the Socks for Seniors program. The donation ends in the middle of December so that they can get the socks distributed in time for Christmas. If you donate a pair of socks during any service we provide, we’ll take $5 off your bill (just give the pair of socks to your service technician). Or you can leave a pair of socks at any of our County Market locations! And you can always call us to ask for more information.

The Rules:

  • Wild and crazy socks are preferred
  • Colorful and striped socks are welcome
  • Regular socks will not be turned away, but consider more fun ones first
  • Donate the socks to a technician and get a $5 discount on your bill
  • Donate socks at a one of our County Market Locations

And don’t forget, if there’s a loved family member in your life who’s living alone, check on them when it’s cold out to make sure they stay warm as well. If their furnace has gone out, be sure to call us and we’ll be there to fix things quickly!

To schedule your fall furnace tune-up or ask questions about how you can further winterize your home, don’t hesitate to give your Comfort Heroes a call at (217) 866-1596.