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Spring Energy Saving Tips

Well, it certainly feels like spring! The warmer weather creates the perfect environment for barbecues and hikes, but also for evaluating your home’s energy use. Although it is still cool outside, you can begin to save on your utility bills by implementing these spring energy saving tips.

You’ll begin to notice a difference in your wallet immediately after completing these simple steps.


Tip #1: Turn Your Thermostat Down

As the weather gets warmer, you can turn back your thermostat without noticing much of a difference. You can save about 1% off your heating bill for every 1 degree you turn your thermostat down for a period of 8 hours.

TIP #2: Tune-Up Your Air Conditioner and Ventilation System

It is important that you have an annual furnace and air conditioning tune-ups. Before you begin using your air conditioner again, schedule your professional cooling system inspection. During the maintenance visit, you will also get valuable information about how your system works and things that you can do to improve its efficiency, including sealing cracks and leaks around the home.

Scheduling annual maintenance on your HVAC system also ensures that whatever manufacturer warranties you have will remain in effect. Warranties are voided if your system has not been professionally maintained, as an unmaintained system can cut its lifespan in half.

TIP #3: Check Around Your Home for Damage and Cracks

Now that the winter storms seem to be over, it is a good idea to go around your home and inspect the exterior for any damage. Look at your gutter and downspout system, the roof (with binoculars), areas where pipes, vents, and wiring enter the house, the foundation, and areas around your doors and windows. If you see any considerable damage, get it repaired immediately, as it could lead to much more expensive problems down the road.

For cracks around your home that are smaller than a quarter of an inch, use weatherproof caulk. For cracks and gaps larger than a quarter of an inch, use expandable foam spray.

Tip #4: Wash Clothes in Cold Water

This is a good thing to do year-round since cold water is just as effective as warm water to clean your clothes. Try to wash full loads only, but if you do have a smaller load, adjust your washer and dryer accordingly. Washing your clothes in cold water can cut your washing machine’s energy use in half.

For some more Spring Energy Saving Tips, see this video:

Since our outlets don’t “switch off” like in the video above, you can prevent “vampire power” by unplugging your electronic devices completely or turning off your surge protector switch.
We hope that you found this list of spring energy saving tips useful and that you are enjoying the warmer weather. If you have any questions about heating and cooling maintenance ad energy efficiency, don’t hesitate to give Cassel Home Comfort a call at (217) 689-4522.
If you need help detecting air leaks and other sources of inefficiencies in your home, call your home comfort experts at (217) 866-1596 for your free Whole Home Inspection and Analysis and more home heating efficiency advice. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have.

We also offer an ongoing Home Maintenance Plan to help ensure you not only have regular HVAC tune-ups and maintenance checks but also saves your money!

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