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The Benefits of Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning

Dad likes his office cold, Mom likes the living room warm, and Baby needs different temperatures throughout the day. What do you do? Well, somebody has to compromise. That is unless you have zoned heating and air conditioning!

Imagine being able to adjust the thermostat settings for different rooms in your home so that everybody is happy!

Everybody has a room or floor of their home that doesn’t reach the temperature that you want. Focus the air on the rooms you need it with multiple thermostats.

How HVAC Zoning Works

You can have as many heating and cooling “zones” as you want; however, most people opt for 2 or 3. The most common split up is between the first and second floors, but you can have additional zones installed for other areas of the home. It is unlikely that you will need more than 3 zones.

By having separate thermostats control different parts of the home, you can heat or cool just one area of the home at a time. This is especially useful for two-story homes where families spend the most amount of time on the first floor during the day and evenings and retire to the upstairs in the nights and mornings.

By having separate thermostats and duct dampers that control the flow of air through your ducts, you can eliminate all the uncomfortable rooms in your home. Get the control of your home’s heating and air conditioning at the touch of a finger.

WARNING: You may think that you can create your own zoned heating and air conditioning manually by closing off the ducts to your unused rooms, however, proper zoning requires thorough design, airflow and equipment matching, technological communication, and professional installation. To read more about why closing off vents and registers in unused areas of the home is an inefficient and potentially damaging idea, read this article by

The Benefits of Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning

If properly installed and designed by a home heating and cooling professional, zoned heating and air conditioning can dramatically increase your comfort and energy efficiency.

1.) Energy Savings

When combined with programmable thermostats and Energy Saver mode, you can save up to 35% on your energy costs. By only having to produce a certain amount of conditioned air for the different “zones,” your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard.

2.) Easily Integrated

Zoned heating and air conditioning can easily be integrated with your current system.

Ductless mini-split systems can also be used for your zoned heating and air conditioning — no ducts required. Keep in mind, however, that for multi-zone applications, you will need to use an outside heat pump.

3.) Improved Comfort and Control

Zoned heating and air conditioning are as simple or sophisticated that you want it to be. You can use your programmable thermostat and smartphone apps to have complete control of your home, or you can simply change the temperature manually.

Regardless, by being able to change the temperature of each zone, you will have more control and comfort than ever without having to disturb other household members.

4.) Works for Both Heating & Cooling

Zoned heating and cooling is a convenient and efficient solution for homes with multiple levels, sprawling designs, and large open areas that formerly relied on supplemental heating and cooling methods.

Is HVAC Zoning Right For Me?

If you don’t have zoned heating and air conditioning, you most likely only have one thermostat, usually located on the first floor. Since the thermostat adjusts itself based upon the temperature of the room it is in, you will find yourself with many different temperatures throughout your home, including hot and cold spots.

This is a very inefficient and uncomfortable way of heating and cooling your home. If you have a home with multiple levels, large glass windows, additional garages, finished attics/basements, large square footage, unused rooms, or family members that can never agree on the temperature, you will definitely benefit from HVAC zoning.

Your unzoned HVAC system doesn’t know if you need more heating or cooling in different areas of your home. It’s almost as if you have two independent HVAC units that control different areas of the home.

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