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Home Energy Audit is the First Step to Start Saving

In order to truly understand how much energy your home consumes and how much of it is wasted, you must hire a home energy auditor. Your home energy audit, or home performance evaluation, will detect how much energy your house is losing.
Home Energy Audit
The biggest source of energy loss is almost always your attic because of poor insulation and air leakage. Next on the list are your basement, air ducts, doors, windows, and where utilities enter the home. Using high-performance technology such as infrared cameras and blower door tests, by the end of the audit, you will know exactly where your energy losses are coming from and how to fix them.
Home Energy Audit Features
An infrared camera can measure the temperature differences in your home, detecting areas of poor insulation, drafts, and moisture.
A carbon monoxide or combustion monitor will determine whether or not your fuel burning appliances are venting properly.
A blower door test will depressurize your home, allowing the auditor to measure the leakage rate of your home.
Fan in door.
Source: Holtkamp Heating & A/C
A manometer measures pressure differences in your home to detect air leaks and tests exhaust devices.
The home energy auditor will also check for humidity levels, electrical usage, circulation and ventilation, chimney drafts, moisture levels, and more! Consult this great infographic by to see what else a home energy audit includes:
infographic - energy saving 101
By following the advice of your home energy audit, you can save up to 35% on your energy bill!
If you have always wondered how much air and energy you are losing out of your roof, windows, doors, outlets, plumbing, and other areas, you may not want to know the truth, but you should. Acceptance is the first step on the road to an efficient and energy-saving home.
And you want to know exactly where you are losing the most energy. Your wouldn’t want to invest in new windows, when most of your air leakage is in your attic. A professional home energy audit lets you know exactly what you need to do, saving you lots of money in the long run.
In the Champaign, Illinois area, Cassel Home Comfort is the trusted source for your Home Energy Audit or Home Performance Evaluation.