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  • Simple Home Exterior Maintenance
    Simple Home Exterior Maintenance

    Every year our homes go through an amazing amount of weather. We regulate everything on the inside, but the outside of the home has to endure blazing suns, frigid cold, and lasting rains. All of these ...

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  • Use Passive Energy Savers to Cut Costs
    Use Passive Energy Savers to Cut Costs

    Happy Earth Day everyone! Today is an international observance of conservation efforts across the globe. We do this by supporting organizations, volunteering, and making efforts in our daily lives to ...

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  • How To Manage Indoor Humidity
    How To Manage Indoor Humidity

    Most people do not like humidity. If it rains while it’s cold outside, the outdoors can be miserable. After the rain has stopped, the overall humidity can become muggy when the weather is warm. High ...

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  • Get the Most from your Attic Insulation
    Get the Most from your Attic Insulation

    Attic insulation is one of those things that’s “out of sight, and out of mind.” In fact, when you were buying your home, did you stop to inspect the insulation in the attic? Or did you take a quick ...

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  • Proper Ventilation Sealing Techniques
    Proper Ventilation Sealing Techniques

    Part of our spring and fall maintenance checklists involves looking for leaks and drafts in the home. But once you’ve found them, what do you do? The answer is not “a strip of duct tape as a patch” ...

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