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Simple Home Exterior Maintenance

Every year our homes go through an amazing amount of weather. We regulate everything on the inside, but the outside of the home has to endure blazing suns, frigid cold, and lasting rains. All of these can have a drastic effect on different elements of your home. Temperature changes will change the shape of the wood in your home, leading to warps and cracks, while freezing weather and hail can damage the shingles on your roof. At least once a year it’s important to perform your own inspection of your home. You might find a few ways to help improve climate control in your home too!

Roofing – Vents and Shingles

Give your roof a thorough inspection for damage. Rather than climbing onto the roof, simple use a pair of binoculars (or a camera with a zoom lens) to take a careful look at the shingles and vents on your roof. Look for broken or missing shingles. Fixing roof damage is important because it keeps water out of your attic and helps to deflect sunlight.

Take a moment to inspect any roof joins or nooks where leaves and dirt can collect as well. If there’s a buildup of debris, it’s best to have it cleaned out, as it can trap water which will eventually work its way into your attic. Since you’re already taking a look at the roof, it’s best to inspect the gutters and downspouts as well. Check for damage and look at the end of the downspout to make sure that nothing is blocking it.

Siding – Reflective Paint and Siding

The siding or paint of your home protects the materials beneath and gives a beautiful look to the exterior of your home. A quick walk around of your home will help you identify damage. Peeling paint and loose siding should be dealt with quickly. Siding and paint don’t just help protect your home from water ingress, insects, and animals, they also help with the thermal regulation of your home.

Keep in mind that a lightly colored paint job will help to keep your home cool in the summer, while darker colors will help with heating in the winter. Consider whether your family spends more money on heating or cooling throughout the year and you might find that repainting your home is a good idea. Then again, if you’re looking at selling the home, it may be time to repaint it to match the climate as well.

Examine any exterior vents or openings as well. Make sure that they aren’t covered up, blocked, or have gaps forming where they meet the outside wall. And while you’re looking, check to make sure that the air conditioner compressor isn’t damaged or covered up in debris (give it at least two feet of clearance in all directions).

Windows and Doors

These are especially important for climate control considerations. Look for gaps that are forming around the edges. Check to see how well they’re sealing. Double-check the locks and hinges on doors and windows to make sure they’re secure. If you do notice a draft coming through a storm door or a window, you can fix them with weather stripping or floor sweeps to help insulate your home and prevent drafts.

Other Maintenance

Since you’re already inspecting your home, take the time to examine these things as well:

  • Porches and Stairs – Check for water damage, loose boards, and peeling varnish or paint.
  • Irrigation Systems and Yards – Make sure your water system is working properly and not leaking. A leaking system can drown plants and cause your foundation to sink, leading to a cracked foundation and a tilted house.
  • Sidewalks, Driveways, and Foundation – Water can erode away dirt from concrete slabs. Over time, thermal expansion from heating and cooling can lead to cracked pavement and concrete. Inspect for cracks and damages, and look for weeds growing up through them as well.

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