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Tips to Avoid Central Air Repairs

It may seem contradictory for an Illinois air conditioning repair contractor to offer advice on how to avoid central air repairs, but our experts at Cassel Home Comfort Heating & Cooling want to ensure our customers are safe and comfortable in their homes with a reliable central air system.

With a few things to do as a Champaign area homeowner and with the help of a good HVAC company, you can avoid many instances of central air breakdowns as well as early replacement.

We love to give our customers good advice on what to expect from their comfort systems and how to take proper care of them. Here are some tips on how to avoid having to call for central air repairs.

1. Change your central air filter every month. We know you have probably heard this time and again, but this is one of the best things you as a homeowner can do to avoid repairs on the unit.

The air filter serves the air conditioning and possibly heating system by blocking large particles from entering the machinery. It does not do much to filter the air for better air quality.

When the filter is covered with debris and dust, it only forces the central air system to work harder. This puts a strain on the machinery as it tries to suck in air through a blocked up filter. A strained system will not only break down and need replacement sooner, it also drains energy.

Change the filter for more reliability, longer life of the equipment, and better energy savings.

2. Don’t purchase the cheapest filters. There are two things wrong with buying the cheap central air filters. First, they do little to capture particles that damage the machinery and second, they can get sucked up into the air handler.

There is quite a bit of force going on in the suction that the air handler pulls from your home interior. A cheap filter made of flimsy materials can easily buckle under this pressure and get pulled up into the unit.

3. Be sure you have your central air tuneups done. Many homeowners don’t realize how inexpensive an HVAC tune up is. It is a much better option than having to deal with the costs of repair or early replacement.

A professional central air tuneup will get your air conditioner or furnace ready for the upcoming season change. It ensures that everything is in top condition to work hard and makes you aware of any repairs that need to be made before you wind up in an emergency situation.

Tune ups generally consist of the following and more:

  • Lubricating Parts
  • Cleaning Coils & Evaporators
  • Adjustments Where Needed
  • Testing of Freon or Gas Systems
  • Testing the Air Temperature From Ducts
  • Inspecting Ducts and Other Parts
  • Preparing The Furnace & Lighting Pilots
  • Inspecting Wiring & Seals
  • Testing and Adjusting Thermostat

For more tips or information on avoiding Champaign, Illinois Central Air Repairs, please call (217) 866-1596 or complete our online request form.