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Seasonal Maintenance

September and October are ideal months to ready your Champaign home for the cooler weather. Prepare for the first chilly day of autumn by ensuring that your heating system is in top working condition. If you own a fireplace, portable space heaters or other heating methods in your home, you will also want to make sure that they are clean and in optimum running condition as well. We’ve compiled a list of important maintenance tips to pursue to keep your household comfortable all fall and winter.

Replace Filters – It is important to check your HVAC filter every few months to make sure that it is clean and able to perform. A dirty filter can increase your monthly utility bill because it makes your central air system work harder. During the seasons when you have the heat or cooling running constantly, your filter should be replaced once a month. To ensure that your heating system runs efficiently this fall, inspect your filter and replace it if it is dirty.

Add Attic Insulation – Does your attic contain a sufficient amount of insulation to keep your home warm and energy-efficient? You could be losing a substantial amount of energy if your attic isn’t appropriately insulated. Consider looking into adding more insulation to your attic this fall to keep more of the heated air inside your home.

DIY Attic Insulation

Schedule Heating Maintenance – Do you have regularly scheduled maintenance for your central heating and cooling? If not, now is the ideal time to have a professional technician perform a tune-up. Maintenance will catch any potential problems early, saving you from expensive repairs. It will also help ensure that your system runs at maximum efficiency throughout the cooler seasons.

Cassel Home Comfort Furnace Maintenance

Schedule Generator Maintenance – It is just as important to keep your generator maintained as it is to make sure your central air system is working properly. Make sure that your generator is serviced at least once a year before the spring or fall storm season. Fall storms can be just as dangerous as spring storms, so if your generator hasn’t been assessed by a technician yet this year, schedule maintenance for it as well. You will also want to make sure that you have enough fuel stored to ensure it can perform for an extended period of time.

DIY Generator Maintenance

Heat Pump Condenser Area – It is important that you keep the area around your outdoor condenser free from organic debris, plant life, and clutter. A heat pump needs a clearance area of at least 18 inches in order to perform its job properly. Anything that is too close to the unit can interfere with the performance, causing it to work harder which could eventually cause system failure.

Cassel Home Comfort can assist you with furnace maintenance, helping to ensure that your household stays comfortable throughout the cooler seasons. As you are checking off your list of home maintenance duties, remember that we are your first, best resource for home heating. Call us when you need service assistance or any advice for making it a more energy-efficient winter.

Cassel Home Comfort Heating & Cooling is committed to being your best HVA/C contractor choice for fall and winter heating! Call us to maintain your heating and ventilation systems in the Champaign, IL area: (217) 866-1596.

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